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About the Most Effective Denver Bed Bug Remediation & Remover

My first exposure to bed bugs occurred in 2006 when I learned that bed bugs were more than a silly saying made for children at bedtime. One of my tenants called me and said: “I have bed bugs.” I laughed and replied, “that’s funny, how can I help you?” she clearly did not think it was funny and retorted, “no, really, I have bed bugs.” to which I responded “ok, what are bed bugs?” for the next several years, we tried numerous ways to rid our apartments of bed bugs whenever they were found. Unfortunately, little was known about bed bugs at the time.

Pest Control

We tried pest control companies, steam, diatomaceous earth, vacuuming, removing carpet, steam cleaning carpeting and probably made every mistake in the book. In 2009, we had a major outbreak in one of our buildings when a tenant on the 2nd floor of a 3-story building did not report their Denver bed bug remediation problem and attempted to handle it on their own. We didn’t learn of the outbreak until all the surrounding units started to report bed bugs in their home. We had heard about using thermal remediation but were skeptical. However, given the severity of the outbreak and knowing how difficult it is to rid one unit, much less multiple units of the problem, we knew we had to take our protocol to a new level.

We tried thermal remediation. Compared to everything else we tried, we had great results. After years of aggravation, who knew it could be that easy. The upset calls from residents stopped. The legal threats were no more. We had found an answer. We eventually partnered with the company who provided the service for us and have since taken over the operation providing effective Denver bed bug remediation and larvae extraction services.


What Makes Our Methods so Effective?

But the story doesn’t end there. Now in our 4th year, we have seen some unbelievable infestations and learned a lot along the way. The most surprising thing is that even though thermal remediation is a powerful process, it can be dramatically improved with a simple application of a light pesticide. The pesticide is applied only around the perimeter of the room where the floor and the wall meet. This is where the stragglers hide; Under the baseboard and in the wall voids. This technique is a highly effective solution for Denver bed bug remediation and larvae extraction services for both commercial and residential areas.

At the time I am writing this, we have yet to have a single call back when a residual pesticide is included in our process. We knew we had it right when the greenest of green customers in Boulder told me “I don’t care what it takes to get rid of these creatures, I want them gone and I never want to see them again”. For this reason, we no longer offer “green” (No pesticide) Treatments. The callback rate is too high. Having been in business for 12 years now, we hope you will allow us to provide you with the peace of mind we found in our thermal clean up process.

For Denver commercial and residential bed bug remediation and larvae extraction help, contact the team at thermal clean today to schedule an appointment!

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