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How Do You Get Bed Bugs

One bedbug is easy to kill…just squish it. But an area infested with bedbugs is a completely different situation. Bedbugs flat bodies make it easy for them to hide. They can crawl into the tiniest spaces and since they mostly come out while you sleep, it’s likely that there are hundreds hiding for every one you see. That doesn’t even count the eggs, which are almost invisible to the human eye. How do you get bed bugs in the first place? How do you remove bed bugs? How do you dispose of bed bugs?

Picture of bed

The Fastest, Safest, and Most Effective Method to Kill Bed Bugs Available

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has acknowledged that using any single method isn’t very effective at getting rid of bed bugs. When it comes to removing and disposing of bed bugs, Denver based Thermal Clean has solutions.

In a single day, we combine the most efficient of all bedbug removal techniques. We start with physically removing bugs and eggs. We heat the room to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This is what gets most of them; Bed bugs can’t live when temperatures get that high for an extended period. Heat is not only the most efficient way to kill bed bugs, it’s also the safest. Finally, we leave a light chemical treatment on baseboards to eliminate the weakened stragglers and to catch any that might try to move beyond the infested area. Our proven bed bug treatment method kills all bed bugs and eggs in 8 hours or less. With the use of high heat and in some cases a small amount of chemicals, we kill all stages of bedbug life, including, eggs, nymphs and adults.

This Combination of Methods Kills

Every stage of bedbugs; Egg, nymph, and adult. And it can all be done in one day. You don’t need to move out for weeks to avoid heavy pesticides, and you don’t have to get rid of your mattresses. You can return that night free from anxiety and sleepless; Your problem is taken care of.

So how do you get rid of bed bugs? Through Denver based Thermal Clean’s removal and disposal heating services. We can heat treat one room, or an entire home, penetrating furniture, mattresses, carpet, walls and ceiling. Our heat treatment kills the bed bug infestation immediately with no damage to your home, office, furniture or personal items.

If you suspect bed bugs in your home, give us a call and we’ll send our experts to offer a free evaluation of the situation. All of our treatments are family and pet friendly.

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