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Denver Bed Bug Exterminator Services Is What We Do

When it comes to insect pests, bedbugs are the worst of the worst. They’re easy to transport, they breed quickly, and they can survive most visits from a traditional exterminator.

The important thing to remember is that this isn’t a reflection on you…bedbugs can be found in the most expensive resorts in the world, traditional hotels, and friend’s homes. Worldwide travel and lack of public awareness have led to a huge bed bug resurgence in the past decade. Because bed bugs can live for up to a six months without feeding, you can never be sure which trip was the fateful one that brought them home. Getting rid of bed bugs on your own is nearly impossible once they started to nest, and that’s where we come in.

Bed Bug Cleaner

Do You Want Most of Them Gone, or All of Them Gone?

Professional vacuuming or steam cleaning gets some of the bed bugs, but none of them that are hiding in impossible to reach areas such as the cracks of furniture. Another method, thermal remediation (Heating rooms up to temperatures that are deadly to bed bugs) Is an effective method that, alone, works about 80% of the time. Pesticide-only solutions require multiple treatments every 2 weeks and generally require two, three, or more treatments; Even then they only work about 50% of the time. Independently each of these methods grants a higher risk of the infestation returning. Thermal clean combines all of these methods to offer the most effective bed bug treatment in the industry, taking care of your problem in less than a day. If you are in need of the best Denver bed bug exterminators to resolve your problem asap, contact us today and get an appointment scheduled as soon as possible.

bed bug cleaning services

Expertise and Experience

If you’re still wondering if thermal clean is the right bed bug treatment and removal solution for you, consider this – our professional bed bug exterminators get it done the first time. Not many companies can claim this, but we’re 100% effective, with a success rate of more than a 98% on the first visit. Because we have to use a fraction of the chemicals of most exterminators, we leave your home much safer for you and your family. We’re so confident of our method that we offer a 90-day service guarantee & a 12-month warranty with no fine print. Or the work will be completed by us and not sub contracted.  With our experienced background checked technicians, we are able to provide services for cars and luggage, discreet services and third-party non-bias dogs for inspection if needed. If you have unwanted guests in your home (In-laws excluded) or other commercial settings, give us a call for a free Denver bed bug inspection or to schedule an appointment today with the best bed bug exterminators in Denver. We provide bed bug extermination services for the communities of Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Arvada, Lakewood, Westminster, Centennial, Thornton, Boulder, Parker, and Loveland.

So What Are We Going to Do About It?

We’re your Denver bed bug removal solution, and we have the highest success rate around. We want those little bloodsuckers out of your house as much as you do. Contact thermal clean today so that you can have good nights, sleep tight, and not let the you-know-whats bite.

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