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Anyone who’s visited Colorado Springs knows how clean, quaint, and welcoming it is. In fact, the city topped Money’s list of Best Places to Live in 2015. But that means it’s the best place for humans to live, not bed bugs. And just because a place is beautiful and charming doesn’t mean it is immune to those pesky bed bugs that infiltrate our homes and wreck havoc. Bed bugs can crawl through the smallest spaces in the cleanest homes and take over your beds as they feed on your dead skin, blood, and debris. Suddenly, instead of maintaining a clean and healthy home for your family, you’re fighting an army of tiny munching pests.


There are a lot of things you can do to fight bed bugs, but none are more extensive than the heat treatment therapy used by Thermal Clean, which is 98% effective on the first treatment. That means your family can relax sooner as the bed bugs stop feasting on your innocent children’s blood. Instead of only getting a handful of the bed bugs through heat or pesticide treatments, Thermal Clean combines treatments to create one incredibly effective treatment approach.


We start by heating the affected spaces to a temperature that is impossible for bed bugs to survive, which knocks out many of the intruders. We also use pesticide to finish the job and make sure those bed bugs never come back, but we use significantly fewer chemicals than the competition—after all, our job is to get rid of the bed bugs, not to get rid of your health. Altogether, you can get your life and house together again after less than a day of treatment, compared to weeks and multiple visits from other exterminators. We stand by our method so strongly that we offer a 90-day guarantee on all services.


It’s time to get back control of your Colorado Springs house! Say goodbye to those unwanted guests and get on with enjoying your fabulous town!


To learn more, contact Thermal Clean today for a free assessment.

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