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Bed bugs are parasitic, microscopic insects that invade your home and feed off your blood while you sleep. Because they are so small they can hide easily in couches, furniture, mattresses, carpets, and bed frames. They can hide and breed in cracks and crevices anywhere in your home that contains food (dead skin). Bed bug infestation is usually caused when someone brings them into the house without knowing it. Because bed bugs can reproduce rapidly, there is relatively little time between entrance into the home and complete infestation.


Bed bugs infestations are spiking in the Colorado Springs. There are reports saying that bed bugs are now becoming a continuous problem to Coloradans and other nearby areas. They infest apartments, hotels, sleeping bags, movie theaters, taxis, and buses. Integrative approaches have been developed by companies in Denver to eradicate these pests.


There are a variety of ways for ridding your home of bed bugs. Simple natural home remedies, heat and chemical treatments can be done to eradicate these pests. Experts also recommend deep-cleaning as one way of killing bed bugs. You can dismantle your furniture and bed frames, remove eggs from cracks in your walls and floors using a brush or wash your clothing, bedding, and mattresses in hot water.

Alcohol, baking soda, low-odor sprays, and insecticides are common cleaning agents that can help you get rid of bed bugs, but with limited effectiveness. If you have a genuine, full-blown infestation, then you will need to seek professional assistance. But for now, we’ll assume your bed bug problem is minor and controllable and offer you a few tips for getting rid of bed bugs.


The following steps can be effective in getting rid of smaller bed bug infestations:

  1. The first thing you need to do is locate the source of bed bugs. You should look for dried spots of bed bug excrement on or along your mattresses. These usually will lead you to where the bugs are residing. Examine every crack and nook in your bed, floor and walls. Look closely at every corner of your couches and furniture also. Anywhere humans reside in the house is a potential location for bed bugs to hang out. These places are the most common breeding site for bed bugs. Use a flashlight and a magnifying glass if necessary to check other common places you think they may hide.
  2. Second, control or treat them using the following ways:
    • Sanitize clothing, bedding, and other fabrics by washing them with hot water. Other small items that cannot be laundered can be sanitized using thermal remediation. Secure them in a plastic and place them in a hot location for a few days.
    • Clean the breeding site by wiping it with a cloth soaked in alcohol. Use tee-tree oil to clean the affected area.
    • Consider using some odor-free chemicals to treat the targeted sites. Make sure the chemicals used are EPA approved.
    • Throw away all infested items that are beyond saving. Contact with them may cause a further infestation in other areas of the home.
    • Repair cracks and crevices to reduce the number of bed bug harborage sites.
    • Use heat treatment. Heat treatment or “thermal remediation” is very effective at getting rid of bed bugs safely. It is the EPA recommended method of bed bug remediation treatment. Put steam on cracks and crevices to eliminate bed bugs, but be wary of mold. Make sure you promptly dry any wooded areas after treating with steam.
    • Use a vacuum to physically remove them from their breeding sites.
    • Get help from pest control firms. They know where to look for bed bugs and they use assorted tool to successfully rid your home of these annoying pests.
  3. The last, yet probably more important thing you need to do is prevention. You should always be careful with secondhand furniture. These are often infected with bed bugs. Always examine beds, mattresses, and couches for signs of bed bugs. Clean your house thoroughly. Be familiar with places that can be infected. It will help avoid further infestation and will prompt earlier professional intervention.

Thermal Clean utilizes thermal remediation to get rid of bed bugs with a 98% success rate! It only takes us 8 hours to correct the problem so you don’t need to stay in a hotel or with a family member while cleaning is taking place. For residents in Colorado Springs, call us today for a free quote.

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