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Bed bugs are parasitic creatures that have bothered people for centuries. They feed on animal and human blood. They attack their host at night and get away without being noticed. Often, the only clues they leave behind are dirty beds, itchy bites, allergic reactions, and in very rare cases, chronic disease. So, how do they get into Littleton homes and wreak havoc?

Not all bed bug infestations in the home are the result of poor housekeeping. But mind you, you’re wrong. Having bed bugs is not because of dirty areas because anyone or anywhere can have bed bugs. People can unknowingly bring bed bugs in their homes via bags, luggage, purses, couches, bedding, shoes, laptop cases, and clothing. Anything the bed bug can cling to is a potential entryway into the home. If you live in an apartment, bed bugs can also spread to your place from adjacent units. They may also spread from your couch into other furniture in the house.

Here are some common ways bed bugs can be brought into your home:

  • Staying in a hotel and having contact with an affected mattress or bedding.
  • Buying used clothing and bringing it into your home.
  • Bringing old books into your house.
  • Having a visitor who has bed bugs at home.
  • Buying a second-hand couch or furniture
  • Using clothing stored for too long without washing it first.
  • Visiting a place which is infested.
  • Riding in an affected vehicle or public transportation.

So How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Now that we’ve talked about how bed bugs enter your home, what do you do if they’re already there? Well, the problem has to be addressed. Bed bugs prefer dark and undisturbed areas and will tend to spread quickly, and to new areas, if disturbed. Incorrect application of pesticides or not locating hidden harborages make it difficult for the problem to be resolved by DIY methods alone. If you suspect your bed bug problem is getting worse, you will need to contact a professional for complete removal. Thermal Clean specializes in a thermal remediation approach to kill bed bugs. Our success rates are excellent, and we’ve helped many homes and businesses resolve their bed bug problems in just a single 8-hour session. If you’re in Littleton or the surrounding areas, give us a call today.

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