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Time and time again, folks in Westminster have asked the question, “Can you drown bed bugs?” The answer is simply, yes. Like any other living insect, bed bugs can also drown.

Bed bugs are tiny creatures that can hide on your pillows, linens, clothes, the dark places in your bed, and mattress. They can also hide in your appliances and furniture, nesting in crevices and openings. Bed bugs are known to suck human blood and leave bite marks. These bite marks will eventually swell and make you scratch them as they will surely itch, and I mean a lot. If you have wondered why there are blood smears, tiny fecal spots, or exoskeletons found on your bed, then it is a significant sign of bed bugs.

To effectively drown bed bugs, keep in mind these simple factors:

  • Drown bed bugs in steaming or hot water. They are sensitive to heat and will most likely die on contact.
  • Freeze them out. Aside from the heat, cold temperatures also help kill bed bugs.
  • On your clothes or linen, you can hot wash and dry clean, then store away properly.

However, you can only drown the bed bugs you see and this really isn’t the most effective method for treating infestations. For those you cannot see, it would be a wise choice to ask a professional for some advice or help. If you are living in the Westminster area, your best choice for a pest control company would be Thermal Clean.

Ranked #1 in the Westminster area, we offer an integrated approach to eradicating bed bugs that combine chemical and non-chemical methods. The method includes a vacuum, thermal remediation, steam, and an application of a light preventative residual pesticide. Our 8-hour treatment process also surpasses any other traditional treatment that can last for several days so there is no need to stay in a hotel. We also offer a treatment van, which allows us to provide smaller scale treatment for isolated infestations on furniture or equipment. Best of all, we offer a 98% chance of success which reduces the chance for a secondary treatment.

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