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If you think that a bedbug problem can easily be solved, then you are wrong. It is not just like a nightmare that you can wake up from. Unfortunately, bed bugs are real and they can live with us for a long time. You can have bed bugs in your couch, in your bed, near your bed, your furniture, and appliances. So if you think you have a bed bug problem, immediately act on it before it gets worse.

To eliminate bed bugs in your couch, it may require a lot of time and patience. Here are some tips to follow-up on when dealing with them in your couch:

  • Take away all objects on the couch. Use a vacuum cleaner to sip up all hidden objects including dust. Empty all the contents into a trash bag and dispose of properly.
  • Remove the couch covers, if there is any, and wash them carefully in hot water. Bed bugs are sensitive to heat and may die immediately.
  • Dry clean the coverings in high temperatures and put back again. If you want, you can replace them and get rid of the old one.
  • Steam clean the couch, every part of the couch including the crevices should be steamed properly. Air the couch out and wait for it to dry.
  • Clean your surroundings. Places near the couch, bed, and any other furniture should be clear of any clutter. Bed bugs like dark and secluded places so a little cleaning will be a great help.

If at some time the bedbug prevalence worsens and the tips do not work out as planned, then it might be time for you to call a professional exterminator. It would be good to do it all alone but you might have missed out on things that are vital in eliminating bed bugs properly.

Thermal Clean is based in Denver, Colorado, and is the top-ranked bed bug exterminator in the area. Their integrated treatment process lasts for 8 hours without requiring you to stay in a hotel. Thermal Clean offers a choice between a small scale treatment for a couch or bed with the use of a treatment van and a large scale treatment for the whole house. To top all that, they have been noted to have a success rate of 98% on all their treatments.

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