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In Lakewood, bed bugs have been known to hitchhike from one place to another. If you have just recently moved from one apartment to another, there is a chance that you might bring along bed bugs to your new dwelling. Bed bug problems are becoming more common in Lakewood, and that is why tenants and landlords should first need to know these pests inside and out.

First of all, bed bugs are tiny insects that feed and live on human blood. They are secretive bloodsuckers that hide during the day and become active at night to feed. Bed bug bites are painless but leave along marks that can itch and swell. Because of their size, it is very hard to see bed bugs and they’ll often go unnoticed. In the morning, you may wonder how you got bite marks and rashes on your skin only realizing that it is a bed bug all along.

When getting rid of bed bugs in your apartment, you might want to talk it out first with your landlord. He or she should offer necessary treatment procedures to get rid of them and also offer contact information for different companies you can call. If one apartment is infested, there will be a significant chance that all the other nearby apartments are infested too.

If you’ve got bed bugs, you should clean all your stuff out. A thorough inspection of your things will likely yield a positive outcome. Bag all your items and belongings and get ready for pest control. Do not move any items out as you will just be bringing bed bugs along. For clothing and other textiles, you will have to wash them in hot water and dry them at high temperatures.

It is essential that you cooperate with the apartment management and pest control as doing this will ensure successful treatment. But if your landlord is not acting on the problem, you might want to act immediately and call your own bed bug exterminator.

Thermal Clean of Colorado is a well-known bed bug exterminator in the Lakewood area. Our treatment only lasts for 8 hours, unlike the traditional treatments that could last for days. Our success rate is also high at 98% giving you a great chance to avoid any secondary treatment. Thermal Clean also offers a wide range of treatments from large-scale treatment on your house or a small scale treatment for your couch or bed. We accomplish this through the use of a treatment van. To learn more, contact us today!

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