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Bedbugs are secretive and irritating creatures that leave their victims with bite marks and rashes. In time, these bite marks can inflame and become blisters. If not resolved quickly, the situation will only get worse and take a psychological toll on you and your family.


While there are many forms of bed bug treatments, only a few are considered eco-friendly and green bed bug treatmentsA good example of a green treatment would be the use of heat or cryonite. Both of them are not only greener alternatives to pesticides but they are very effective if done right. However, not all so-called “green” products are truly eco-friendly and not all of them are effective enough. You must first make sure that what you are using consists of true eco-friendly material. Research and ask about the effectiveness of the product before using it as a treatment for your bed bug problem.


After doing a green treatment, follow it up with a preventative measure to ensure that the infestation does not return. If you are unsure of the treatment and the green product as a whole, contacting a professional exterminator will be a great help. Keep in mind that doing it can be a positive thing to do but having help will not limit you to the things you only know.


Thermal Clean serves the Aurora and is the #1 bedbug exterminator in Aurora and the Denver Metro area. Compared to other traditional treatments, Thermal Clean offers a 98% success rate on our green, eco-friendly IPM treatment giving you a high chance of avoiding any secondary treatment. The treatment procedure only lasts for 8 hours so there is no need for you or your family to stay in a hotel. As far as treatments go, we offer a large scale treatment for the entire house as well as a small scale treatment for a bed or couch using a special treatment van.


Thermal Clean offers a greener, eco-friendlier and more effective treatment approach when compared to others on the market. Contact us today.

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