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Bed bugs might seem like they’re everywhere, but here is one place they definitely aren’t: hallucinogens. Those may be two things you would never put together, but they recently became the center of some parent’s questions and frustrations. In April 2014, a Phoenix news report started an Internet frenzy when it claimed students were injecting crushed bed bugs in their cigarettes to get a cheap hallucinogenic high. The report also said other students were starting to inject themselves with the bed bug substance.


The report claimed bed bugs contain a powerful hallucinogenic substance that is impossible to isolate. As a result, bed bugs have to be smoked or crushed whole to see the full effects of the substance. That raises a lot of concerns, especially because beg bugs also contain other properties that can be very dangerous to humans, especially to children and teenagers. As news of the report spread, people around the country were shocked at what kids were willing to do just to get high.


However, their disgust was all in vain as the report turned out to be an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank. Popular myth-busting website found the truth of the report when several readers sent in requests. It turns out that the fake news report was based on an earlier, real report on the dangerous trend called “dabbing” that involves inhaling butane-extracted hash oil. This trend doesn’t involve bed bugs, but it does require heating a small dose of heavily-concentrated oil and inhaling it to get high—not exactly the safest or healthiest activity.


So although bed bugs might be an annoyance when they get into your home, you can rest easy that kids aren’t using them as a cheap way to drugs. At least that is some good news about bedbugs, right?

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