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Those pesky bed bugs love to pray on sleeping humans’ blood, leaving behind annoying and painful bites and rashes and the discomfort of knowing your home was infested while you were sleeping. While bed bugs are nearly unavoidable and a pain to handle, there are actions you can take to prevent infestations and make things as easy as possible in case of bed bugs do make it into your home.


  • Inspect the area regularly. Bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye and often leave behind stains, so a regular inspection of your bedroom and surrounding areas can help you catch bed bugs before they spread. Be sure to check in the folds of your bedding and the creases of your mattress.


  • Keep things clean and uncluttered. Bed bugs love hiding places, so the more items you have around your bed area, the more welcoming the space is to bugs. Cut the clutter and clean the space regularly; vacuuming at least once a week can be very effective.


  • Get professional help. If you find bed bugs and can’t get rid of them on your own, go to a professional for help. Bed bug specialists are experienced in different treatment methods and will use chemicals that are effective and safe.


  • Use “bug bombs” or foggers. While these treatments can be effective on other insects, they don’t get deep enough into the crevasses of furniture and bedding where bed bugs thrive. Instead of eliminating the bed bug problem, you’re only adding more chemicals to your space.


  • Just get rid of infested items. It may be tempting to simply throw infected beds and bedding in the dumpster, but doing so just spreads bed bugs to more people. If you want to get rid of infested items, destroy them first so they won’t be reused and make sure they are clearly labeled “infested with bed bugs”.


  • Leave the room or your home. Bed bugs thrive on human hosts, so many people think that leaving their beds and homes for a few days will force the bugs to move on to find fresh blood. However, bed bugs can survive for over a year without a blood meal, which means they will most likely wait for your return and keep you as their host.

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