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Customer Reviews

Very professional and fair on pricing.

Chris C., Denver, Colorado

Because of the professionalism and integrity and the time I was given, I will recommend your company to anyone I know who is unlucky enough to have bedbugs.

Barbara M., Denver, Colorado

We got hit by bed bugs while on vacation. In addition to the physical pain of the bites, we had a lot of emotional trauma. We worried that we might bring them home with us. So we contacted Brad about heat treating our possessions which were considerable in number having travelled with a baby. There was no way we were bringing these into the house until we were confident there were no bugs that we might have picked up.

A treatment in the Insect Inferno gave us the peace of mind we needed to get on with our lives. I don't know what we would have done without this service.

Todd S., Boulder, CO, 10/18/2011

I called thermal clean after receiving several bites, and seeing some blood on the sheets. I was terrified that we had bed bugs. I'm also pregnant, so I was concerned with the heavy use of pesticides that other companies use. Jay called me the morning after I called in tears and was so sweet. I described our issues and he said they could come out and do an inspection that day! He came and did a thorough inspection, and to my delight, found nothing. He was very thorough, checked three beds and two sofas, as well as behind pictures and behind our headboard. I still plan on also having a dog come and inspect to be extra certain, but I feel a lot better. Thermal Clean is a company with great integrity. They could have easily told me I had bedbugs and I would have handed over whatever money they asked. Instead they did a free inspection, set my mind at ease, and all for free. If the dog finds a small infestation, I will use thermal clean to remediate the problem. They clearly care about their customers, and are there to provide excellent service. Consider them first should you have real (or imagined) bedbugs!

E G., Thornton, CO, 03/11/2016

I must say that upon hearing there were still bugs the owner came the very next morning to explain the steps involved in getting rid of these bugs. That was a help to my mom. It would have been helpful had he explained everything before hand. He will be monitoring the treatment and we appreciate that he is doing that.

Jeri L., Pine, CO, 02/01/2015

BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CHOOSE! I did alot of research and we got really, really lucky to get Brad, at Thermal Clean, who was amazing in all areas of business, integrity, cost, and follow through. We are bug free after the only one treatment and it has been nearly 2 months! We went through a horrific bed bug infestation that resulted in hundreds of critters crawling all over the upstairs of our home.One of the worst they had seen. I researched for two days and found it was not easy to find someone who had INTEGRITY and could do a good job and not gouge us. We had 3 of the "top" companies come to review and bid our home. One was over twice the price Brad charged us and that fellow bad-mouthed everyone else. The other one would not guarantee his work past 30 days. BRAD, however, was amazingly gracious, totally on top of his business, and is a great guy with a high level of integrity. He and his team were very careful of our belongings (watch out as others are not) and came in and out in one day, completely and VERY thoroughly treated every inch of our home, gave us by far the best and most fair bid, and he has a 45-day guarantee! He did, as promised also come to a re-inspection of our home which we knew was bug free, and he just affirmed this to be true. All things considered, in this really terrible situation, Brad and his team were completely on top of it, totally honest and a great pleasure to work with. My husband and I rest peacefully now, knowing we have gotten rid of these pesky critters. We HIGHLY recommend Brad and Thermal Clean - you will not be sorry - and if you are reading this, I WANTED to write this so I could save someone else from using a business that would either cost more than necessary, or worse yet, have to do a repeat job! Get it done right the first time with him - you can totally trust these guys and their work! And good luck!

Jennifer W., Boulder, CO, 09/28/2012

Brad, and Thermal Clean is one of my first recommendation to customers that have Bedbug issues. We are a Pest Control Company that takes pride on educating, and being honest with our customers. With that being said Chemical Treatments are not the Most effective solution to eradicate Bedbugs. That is where Thermal Clean comes into play with our company, There Niche is "Bedbugs" which gives our company the ability to be honest with our customers, and give them the better option. Thermal Clean is a GREAT COMPANY, and we are blessed to have such a great company to Refer.

Elite Pest Defense

Jay Yetz gave us great service by letting us know we had no bed bug problem & helped us in everyway possible to head in the right direction. Thanks so much we will refer you to everyone if they need your services. Very quick & friendy

Jode Sigfrids

Jay Yetz from Thermal Clean is a class act. He gave us clear explanations and checked our house and the bugs we captured very carefully to determine our problem. He concluded that we didn't need an expensive treatment, whereas other people we had inspect our house tried to sell us one without hardly inspecting anything. Thank you!

Andy Sievers

I manage a 79 unit Senior Independent Living facility and Mo has been more than efficient in his services at our complex. We have managed to keep the bed bugs out of the building after agreeing to do a monthly maintenance, which in turn has saved us $$$. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking services from them.

Emilie Thomas

Excellent job by Thermal Clean. Jay responded quickly and professionally. I recommend them highly.

Donna Kimsey

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